Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sammie ate part of Mexico......

(from Sammie Poo)
Hey guys....it's finally my turn to post on this thing. I have been sick the past few days and my mommy had to take me to the hospital yesterday morning. I am not sure what all was wrong but she keeps saying I ate part of her Mexico...whatever!?! I don't even know what a Mexico is!!
Anyway, it all started late Sunday evening when my mommy dropped something on the floor. (I think I heard her tell my Dr. it was one of her ibuprofen) I snatched it up so that she would chase me, I guess I accidentally swallowed it and wasn't supposed to. A few hours later I threw up all over Mommy and Daddy's comforter and blankets on their bed. It was so gross!!
After that is was on going, I kept throwing up. I felt fine and was still trying to run and play but every once in a while I just needed to stop and throw up. Mommy had alot of cleaning up to do. Eventually it was bed time and I threw up some more but I didn't have a fever and wasn't dehydrated. I finally laid down with Mommy and went to sleep for a few hours.
We woke up in the morning to go to the Dr. and I threw up three more times. ICKY!!! By this time, I  was only throwing up nasty yellow water. Anyway, I got to ride in my car seat, which I love to do.  This time didn't start out to well, I threw up again in my car seat about a mile up the road. Thank goodness Mommy had some blankets and towels and she pulled over really quick to clean it up for me.
Mommy had already called Dr. Meadows so he was waiting for us when we got there. He is such a cool guy, he did my brother Sport's surgery, a long time ago when he hit a car.  The Dr. and Mommy talked for a looooong time and that was so boring.  I didn't even have a ball to chase while they were talking. I did see some cool birds out the window at the feeder but I think they got scared when I jumped up to see them because they flew away really quick. I could hear through the door in my room and  a bunch of other "kids" started coming in to the waiting room. Boy, there were a bunch of wusses out there, crying, whining, this one was barking like he owned the place. Don't worry, I let him know I was here first!! 
Anyway, Dr. Meadows picked me up and took me to the back. WOW oh WOW! that place was so cool, there were lots more "kids" back there too. They must have all been really bad or it was their "night night" time b/c they were all in their kennels, usually that means time out or bed time!
Before I knew what was happening, they stuck me with a stupid needle. OUCH! I was brave though, I am tough, it didn't hurt me at all! Dr. Meadows checked me over really good too. Then he took me back to the room where Mommy was and once again Blah, Blah, Blah...they start talking.
I was ready to go home. I jumped on Mommy and kept telling her lets go. Dr. Meadows was telling her something about toxic levels and she just started crying and got really sad. Dr. Meadows left the room and Mommy sat on the floor to play with me. I didn't understand why we couldn't go home. I kept scratching on the door and telling her to come on but she just patted my head and scratched my ears. I was trying really hard but she just wouldn't bail out of there with me.
Finally, Dr. Meadows came back and he said "Good News" so that made my Mommy stop crying, at least for a minute. I guess they tested that blood they stole from me in the back and I have good blood. I think "Perfect" was the word the good Dr. used! I guess he had a "but" for Mommy b/c he kept talking, AGAIN....gosh these people in white coats talk alot!  I overheard him tell Mommy that he felt a lump in my tummy. Duh, everyone's tummy is a lump. This made Mommy cry again, I wish he would stop upsetting her. This isn't fun when she is sad.
Next thing I know, Dr. Meadows is taking me to the back again. I guess I am VIP since only certain "kids" get to walk around with the Dr. back there. The Dr. and his friends all took my picture! They love me here! They took big pics of my entire body, I am a model now.....rolling in the big bucks baby!
Dr. Meadows took me back to the room with my Mommy. By now, it's time for a nap and I haven't thrown up since we left the house. Lets go MOM!!! She wouldn't budge. This place is cool but I want to go home and see my brothers and sisters.
Finally, Dr. Meadows comes back in and he has my pictures! COOL! They sorta look like skeletons and he put them on a wall for Mommy to see. These aren't as cute as the pictures that my Mommy takes of me. I don't think Dr. Meadows is a very good photographer. He is pointing at the pictures and talking to Mommy. She looks really worried...I think she is going to cry again! Awwww, I just want to take her home and give her kisses.  I have never seen her this sad before.
Dr. Meadows stepped out of the room again. I think we are finally done b/c Mommy is getting her pocket book together. SWEET! Dr. Meadows forgot to close our door! I'm outta here! I already have VIP status so I can go in the back on my own and check everything out! Uh Oh, I hear Mommy calling for me, better hide! ha ha, Mommy you can't get me back here, your not a Dr. or a "kid".  see me Mommy, peeking at you from behind this cabinet! Hi Mommy! Oops there is Dr. Meadows....maybe he will chase me down the hallway. Catch me....oops I found Dr. Meadows office, dead end. He caught me! Oh well, that was fun! I guess I am going home now.
Dr. Meadows took me back to our room. Oh boy, here we go again, him and Mommy are talking...Blah, Blah, Blah. Uh oh, what is this blue thing he is putting on me, that isn't MY leash. Where is Mommy going? Why is she leaving? She is really sad and crying, she kissed my head. She did say she would see me later.
Well, I had to stay at the hospital for the day with Dr. Meadows and his friends. They took good care of me. I heard him tell my Mommy that something was stuck inside me so I had to stay so that they could get it out. I had to drink some icky stuff, then they took more pics of me, then i had to drink the icky stuff again, then more pics again....we had to do this a few times.
Mommy finally came and got me but whatever it was didn't come out of me yet. Who cares, I am just happy Mommy is here and we are going home.
Mommy put me in my car seat and she gave me lots of hugs and kisses, then she said I ate her and Daddy's Mexico, something about me costing her alot of money. I am just happy she isn't crying anymore.
When we got home she gave me some special water, it wasn't that bad so i drank it. It's dinner time anyways. Since we had such a hard day, I am going to help her get all the other "kids" dinners ready. Ok, Mommy feeds Sport and Toby....but where is mine? She pats me and says Dr. Meadows says I can't have any...maybe I don't like him that much after all, that isn't a cool thing to do. I need my food!
Mommy let me outside to go poopy and potty. Yummy, cat poopy is good! Uh oh, busted, Mommy is running at me....I was bad, I know better, but it's so GOOD and she didn't give me any dinner!
What a long day, we are going to go take a nap now in our room. Mommy was changing clothes and I puked all over the place and this time it was really nasty. The cat poopy made me really sick. I think Mommy is going to throw up too.  She looks really tired, I am going to be good now and take a nap.
When I woke up I had yucky yellow stuff all over my bottom. Oops, I got it on the comforter and blankets too. I don't think I will eat any more of the chicken broth, it makes my tummy rumble.
Mommy has to wash me and all the blankets again. I didn't realize I had diarrhea, it just came out while I was sleeping. I guess I am really sick after all. I am going to take my medicine like a good boy and take it easy. I don't think I will drink anymore of that chicken water stuff though. Mommy keeps making it for me but I am not touching it.
I heard Mommy tell Daddy that I ate half of their Mexico. I am not sure what a Mexico is but I wont ever eat it again.
I did get a tiny bit of kibbles today, Daddy said bits and bits at a time (Dr.'s Orders). I have to take 3 different medicines for the next 14 days too but they go in these yummy snacks.
Thank you for everyone who was worried about me and prayed for me to get better.
Sammie Poo


u_talk2much said...

Wooohooo Sammie Glad you are pulling through you had a lot of people worried. Glad things are working out!!! Hugs!!!!