Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little Details....-n-.....Stuff

46 days away from our big wedding day....and I have details to work out, ugh! It's sunny and getting warm....my backyard is calling my name; I have Spring Fever!!! Do the details really matter??? The answer is yes! Slowly I am checking off things one at a time. Thanks to slow days at work, it's making it easier for me to get some of this wedding STUFF done. So what do I have left????
-Porta Potty
- Guitarist
- Learn to make bouquets
......and a ton of other stuff that just needs to be picked up along the way, here and there.....
I still have to go to Olga in April for my dress alterations and then my final fitting in the beginning of May.

I REALLY want to spend sometime in my backyard playing with the dogs and planting......or just sitting would be nice, if we had somewhere to sit other than the ground. So excited to be able to get things done with our house. We have lived here 5 months and haven't been able to do anything we want b/c the wedding has kept us hopping.


Sassi_Gyrl said...

After your wedding, no worries... you'll have some down time :) guitarist?! LOVE IT!

u_talk2much said...

Haha has it really been 5 months that you lived in the house. You will get all the details worked out and it will be a fantastic day both of our weddings will be great! I will be thinking of you as that lady pulls my hair and makes it into a work of art. As you dance the night away I am sure you will have a flashing thought of me walking down the aisle! Its getting close 45 days for this craziness to be done and us to enjoy our days!!!! I bet you would never have thought when you were a little girl you would be planning for port-o-potties for your wedding day!!!! Wooohooo heres to 1 month and 2 weeks!!