Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Go "LUCKY"....

I know.....we said we would wait.....we said we wouldn't do it.....but this is the face that stole our hearts two days before our honeymoon!

This little baby had a rescue back out on her and was going to be put down today. I knew if I could just find someone to keep her safe until after our honeymoon then I was going to be able to save her. A great lady with a wonderful rescue was able to pull her for us today and is keeping her safe until we return. Lucky is part chi/jack russell mix, she is about 6 months old. She has seizures and we aren't sure at this point the severity of them. I can't wait to get back from our honeymoon and meet her!!


Dog Rescuer said...

For a face like that it is so hard to say no.

Thank you for saving her.

Pamila said...

OMG Such a sweet baby!!!