Thursday, July 15, 2010

Roxie finds a new home....

As most of you know, we took on a special dog a few weeks ago in hopes of finding her a new home. Roxie is a Pit Bull that belonged to some dear friends of my mom and dad. Unfortunately, they are having to move and since Roxie is a Pit Bull and larger dog, she is not able to relocate with them.
I learned so much about Pit Bulls throughout this experience.....I saw first hand how misunderstood the Pit Bull breed really are. At times, I just wanted to pull my hair out and scream at some of the emails I was getting. "She's not a trophy, she's is someones family member!!!"  People just didn't seem to care about the was more like "ooooh looky, a Pit Bull, coooool"
When Dawn emailed me her application, I was hopeful for good things......but what we ended up with, was a next to perfect match. Next to the family Roxie already has, Dawn was a perfect fit!
When Roxie and Dawn met last weekend, you would have never known these two had never met. Roxie loved her to death, she licked, rubbed, leaned....every positive sign she could give us, was given.
While I am very excited that Roxie has found her new home and I have no doubt Dawn will spoil her rotten and give her a perfect life....this was one of the toughest things I had to face.
After Roxie drove away, I stood there with the family that had to just let her go. Not even I could hold back the tears and sadness. I didn't even have words for this family, I couldn't say "I understand"....I couldn't say "I could imagine how hard this is".....I just hugged them both.
Losing your home is one thing but having to give up everything else in the devastating.
I went home this evening and hugged all my babies extra tight.
I am so glad I was able to help this family and I hope they know what they did was brave and great but most of all selfless. They are in my thoughts each and every day and while Roxie will always be in their hearts, I hope one day circumstance allow for another four legged bit of joy into their lives.
I will be checking in with Dawn will post more of an update on Roxie and maybe some new pictures of her and Dawn.


u_talk2much said...

Oh how happy and sad! Ugh! hopefully they will keep in touch the old family and the new family.

Sassi_Gyrl said...

YAY! such great news!