Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kid, Cali & Heidi Rescue....

What an amazing day! Chad and I took a road trip down to SC today to rescue three amazing dogs. These girls are absolutely adorable. We are so excited we are able to help them out and hopefully find them forever, loving homes.
They all three really seemed to enjoy the car ride. They all passed out quickly for about 20 minutes and then two woke up to enjoy the ride. Cali just got spayed yesterday so I think she needed the rest. Heidi was in the back seat with Cali and she decided to crawl up in the back window for a little while. Kid sat on my lap and watched out the window, dozing off here and there but waking up making sure she wasn't going to miss anything.
We got them all three to the house and as expected they were a little nervous at first. Chad and I bathed them all immediately; they need it desperately. After bath time we gave them all some food. They are all so skinny and really need some food. Kid didn't hesitate to eat hers all up. Heidi took a little here and there and eventually chowed down. Cali was a little slower and still pretty nervous. After that, the entire house....Chad, I, 6 dogs and 2 cats was quiet....we just laid down to rest. We had the girls "rooms" all ready for them with fresh clean blankets; which they love laying on!
After nap time we decided to introduce the girls to Sammie. He was great! Cali and Heidi are a little timid so they just sorta said hello and moved on. Sammie and Kid hit it off great! They are both very playful and seem to be making great friends.
We took a break from the doggie day and went to spend some family time with my father in law for father's day. We had some amazing food (as always, my step mommy in law can cook!!!). They boys and Kimmie played a game of Tiger Woods Golf on the Wii. Brett won...he usually does kick butt on the video games!
We headed back home to check on the boys and girls. They were fine. I think the girls got some more rest. Cali really seemed to be taking to Chad the most but started coming to me and allowing me to pet her this evening. We let them outside to play for a while. Then introduced them all to Sport and Toby.
We have had a very busy day but so worth it!! I am so thankful we are able to be a part of helping these dogs. It has been a lifelong passion of mine and it's so much better being able to share it with my best friend and the man I love.

Here are some shots from our day....blankets for the rescue, Sammie trying to help me with the blankets, Kid resting and Cali and Heidi taking a water break!